duoPort 160S/Z
duoPort 160S/ZduoPort 160S/ZduoPort 160S/Z

duoPort 160S/Z

duoPort HKS 160 S/Z sliding system for PVC or wood windows and doors.
The system works in such a way that when the handle is turned to the tilt position, the sash can be pushed to the side, flush with the window frame. The window, when opened in this way, will take up much less space than with a conventional open-tilt hardware system.
HKS 160 Z has a facilitated closing function - when the handle is turned to the closing position, the sash is automatically attracted to the frame.
Due to the high maximum permissible leaf weight, these systems are ideal for sliding doors.

Key features of duoPort HKS 160 Z/S:

Maximum leaf weight -160 Kg

  • Sash widths from 620 to 1650 mm
  • Sash height from 651 to 2350 mm
  • Bottom rail height - 35 mm
  • Upper rail height - 32 mm
  • Rail thickness - 14 mm
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Limitation of leaf dimension ratio - AGA:AGP ≤ 2.5 : 1
  • Maximum possible opening -3.3 metres


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